Ciptor IT-Safe Canada Team Cybersecurity

Through our Team and with our IT-Safe Cybersecurity IQ Index Genius Cybersecurity selected Partner Brands we help Canadian organizations to optimize their cybersecurity resilience Partner Brands we help Canadian organizations to optimize their cybersecurity resilience with best-in-class-federal-grade cybersecurity. We constantly strive to offer the best service and product range as well as competitive prices to as many Canadian organizations as possible.

Our passion is to help your organizations so you can focus on what you do best. It won´t be your security teams driving the change, it will be your employees and customers. Together we can Canadian organizations to raise their cybersecurity bar so Canadian can work online safely and with confidence.

Change won´t happen overnight, but when we look back at this period, we will mark it as the beginning.

What do you get as customer to Ciptor
IT-Safe Canada

In addition to a dedicated and local team where you always have full support close at hand we offer among, other things:

•  Ready-to-use products immediately upon delivery 
•  Fast and secure deliveries from our own warehouse in Calgary
•  Strong, Trusted and Genius Cybersecurity IQ Index selected brand partners made for Canadians
•  Quality with focus on sustainability and resilience 
•  Tailored cybersecurity advice and guidance
•  Our Team will work side by side with your organization to solve your most complex cyber challenges

Become a Ciptor IT-Safe Canada customer

We hope you wish to become a customer of Ciptor IT-Safe Canada.
Just send an inquiry to our customer service and your local representative will contact you.

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We do not believe in individually set discounts. In our world, all organizations are equally important, regardless of size.
And by offering clear prices without volume requirements, we make life easier for everyone.
The thousands of computer cybersecurity engineers behind the products and solutions we provide are for us Canadas great heroes. Providing Canadian organizations with cybersecurity tools so you can work online safely and with confidence is priceless.
That´s why we push the prices as low as we can.

We always want to get better

We constantly work to challenge ourselves to give you as a customer simpler, faster and safer customer experience.

We have efficient order management that allows us to focus even more on what we are most passionate about - that together with you we want to inspire more people to work online safely and with confidence. In addition to the cybersecurity team, our customers have a close dialogue with our customer service. This means that you get faster answer, and our cybersecurity team get even more time with you as a customer.

Customer service

When you have questions about the Ciptor IT-Safe website, about ordering, user data, purchase history,
how to become a customer and more, you can always contact our customer service who will quickly help you.