Digital Fingerprinting

With a mission to provide innovative cutting-edge AI for cybertechnologies related to CPU and GPU, NVIDIA has teamed up with our
cybersecurity firm Ciptor IT-Safe. Together, we´re bringing top-of-the-line security solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide.
We are a Swedish/Swiss firm, renowned for our cybersecurity solutions to companies of all sizes and verticals. This partnership is set to
change the game for data protection in the tech industry.

Ciptor IT-Safe is bringing its data security expertise and a variety of security solutions to the table, including:
passwordless authentication (SecurityKey´s from Feitian & Yubico, and HYPR transform your mobile into a SecurityKey),
Identity Access Management (IAM) secure file transfer and encryption, to enhance NVIDIA´s Morpheus technology in our ISO 27001
certified data centers in Switzerland. Together, we create a comprehensive security solution that effectively guards against a wide 
range of threats against your enterprise valuable data and networks.

In the world of cybersecurity, digital fingerprinting is a cutting-edge technique that helps keep our digital lives safe. By assigning a
unique identifier to each device based on its software, hardware, and network settings, it becomes much easier to spot and stop 
unauthorized access attempts. This is especially important in Passwordless authentication systems, where biometrics or hardware
security keys are used instead of passwords. With digital fingerprinting, even the sneakiest cyber criminals can be foiled, wich keeps
our data safe and sound. And if anything changes in a device´s fingerprint, that can be a major red flag for potential security breaches.
All in all, digital fingerprinting is in incredibly effective tool for staying one step ahead of cyber threats.

Imagine having a unique digital fingerprint for your computer, similar to your own biological fingerprints. This technology not only helps
protect sensitive information from cyber-attacks, but it can also act as a warning system for potential security breaches. By detecting 
changes in a device´s fingerprint, digital fingerprinting helps monitor threats and strengthens cybersecurity measures. 
Let this advanced measure take the lead in safeguarding your personal and confidential data.